progettazione stanza a tema themed room design

Themed room Design

Design Hotel Soggiorno Sogna Firenze

Suite Lorenzo il magnifico
Ante Operam

Themed room design

Themed room design of the hotel Soggiorno SognaFirenze. It develops on the idea of “themed historical Florentine characters” themed rooms.

Specifically, we carried out the design of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” suite.

The furniture is based on a play of lights, which represent the doctors’ coat of arms, on the head of the bed. The glance is extremely fascinating, as the customer lives this suite, immersed in a design that recalls the medieval spirit of the Medici family.

Canopy bed, wall paintings, practical visual effects, which create an absolutely unique interior design.

Note the bathroom design. This is enriched by the presence of an ancient wall, which we found during the building works.

We decided to restore it, to give even more a tone of authenticity to the whole design.

In addition, the combination of a stone effect black porcelain stoneware further enhances the balding effect of the old wall.

On it there are also small drawings of flowers, dating back to the mid-eighteenth century.

The combination of ancient and modern, in this themed design, enhances all the work done.

With the phrase: “themed room design”, a new way of interior design is identified. It means recreating a real world “apart”, fully recalling the spirit of such an important character, like Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Hotel themed room

Using a colored wall behind the bed is the one that gives total harmony to the whole concept.

As the canopy bed is as if it were embedded inside the wall itself.

The insertion of the lights that make the effect of the noble coat of arms make the “themed room design” even more accurate, in every detail.

Designing a themed hotel room requires a careful study of the concept that must be recreated.

It was a long study that of the “Soggiorno SognaFirenze”. As each themed hotel room had to recall an internationally renowned historical figure.

All this to make the tourists who stay in the various suites better known about the Italian excellence.

Our design wanted to devote much of its efforts, looking for details that could enhance the image of the various characters.

The choice of the colors of the walls, of the lights, of the furnishings, was thus extremely detailed and detailed.

A themed room design that took a lot of energy, but surely made great design results.

Concept Design

Our architectural firm can cover the most varied design requests. At the level of themed room design we can create the most incredible settings.

In order to fulfill the desire of each client, who expects his interior design, an unrivaled product.