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Scandicci restaurant

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Civico 22
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Scandicci Restaurant Civico 22

Scandicci Restaurant renovation: Civico 22.

The design of this restaurant was born from the search for a particular and out of the ordinary design.

Get out of the “usual settings” to create a modern and innovative setting.

Made of matched luminous bulletin boards combined with strong colors like black wood.

Broken by the use of old cement tiles and a parquet effect on the floor.

Very different from the usual for a Scandicci restaurant, having extended the counter with a particular high table.

It hosts up to 10 customers who can comfortably sit on stools, enjoying an excellent dinner.

Design choices

A design of a Scandicci restaurant, which goes beyond the usual design schemes.

We wanted to create a different environment, where design is king.

We broke away from the usual ways of renovating a restaurant, as we had to create an environment that had never been seen in the area.

We did it, thanks to contrasting combinations, and architectural forms different from the usual.

By creating bespoke furniture that can be distinguished from all.

The luminous showcases, the high tables, the particular shapes of the furnishings stand out, in a word, the design is breathed in every part of this splendid restaurant.

Project horizons

Ideas for a Scandicci restaurant there can be many, here the renovation of this restaurant took place in an unusual way, combining ancient and modern.

The artistic union that has been created makes the design of this Scandicci restaurant a true masterpiece.