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Retail Design

The Retail Design

molo 5

Molo 5 in Florence is the retail design of a commercial space that can be considered a real city of entertainment. Directly overlooks the Arno river. The main river of the city of Tuscan capital.

We thought of 5 wooden buildings designed to be small restaurants, in fact each of these produces different dishes.

The central pagoda-bar that brings together customers dominates the venue. Environment is completed by triangular sails that cover the central space, where customers can sip a beer or taste the dishes offered by the various bars.

A retail design that obviously borders on interior architecture. In fact, it goes towards a different form of design of the place of the evening. Made with a particular and exclusive design, never seen before in the reality of entertainment in Florence.

We have created a game of new and fresh architectures, with a vision towards something unexpected. In fact they become the main attraction of the so-called “Summer Florence”. It’s thus enriched with new design themes. Which make its main feature “design”.

Retail Design of a commercial space:

Means that having created an oasis inside the city from scratch. The great success that this environment has had, has been dictated by a great need to review the green areas, those not used, throughout the city. A great¬† design, made by Study AlitiniDesign for the “Summer Florence”.

In the beginning it was just an empty and full of weeds, totally let go.

And that’s why the creation of a place in the end was even more engaging and relaxing. Manetti Legnami has also made a strong contribution to the creation of this retail design. This company has been able, through careful work, to exactly recreate the wooden houses as planned.

It took several months of hard work and river meetings, but this retail design is awesome.