Residential designs

Residential Designs


Residential Designs

Our residential designs come from the search for the most fascinating design. And that’s why we turn to a demanding and refined public.

Our aim is a completely new interior design. And it is in this way that the figure of the interior architect passes from the technician to the creative. We create fine interiors for houses with a unique design.

All this makes us an unusual interior design studio. And that’s why we design interiors for those looking for something new. With the aim of creating particular architectures for those who want to stand out.

With the intention of designing housing solutions designed for comfort and design. This is one of our priorities.

Interior design outside the box

It is for this reason that we offer residential designs that are not up to standard.

And that’s why the work is divided into several steps. First of all we study in detail the layout of the building. And we think of the best solution to fix the spaces.

And that is why dialogue with the subject becomes fundamental for our study. It must give us the “guidelines” on what to expect at the end of its residential designs.

We take into account the number of family members. I mean that we cannot underestimate who the project is aimed at. Whether it’s a single person or a family, with or without children. All this is to start the second phase.

Interior Designer

After defining the spaces we pass to how to transform them from an aesthetic point of view. And this is the most creative and fun part. I mean that this is where the interior architect can indulge the most.

We try to understand customers’ aesthetic tastes. This allows us to write down a draft of the project with the characteristics that the clientele expects.

In residential projects we use an accurate choice of lights and colors. These not only as a form of lighting, but also of furniture. To all this is added the choice of finishes such as floors or whitewashing. And it is clear that the design of a home requires a set of well-combined factors.

The architecture on the various websites

For example, various sites like “Houzz” are a classic demonstration. And this is why residential designs have an enormous amount of detail to define. I mean that very often we are dealing with customers who offer us design images chosen from the web. For example, sites like Pinterest or Instagram are increasingly a must to consider. And that is why designing fine interiors also means understanding in what direction people’s taste is going. Nowadays more and more terms like “minimal” or “industrial” are used. All this to better define the idea that people have at the head of their residential designs.

Fine interiors

Our aim is to create fine interiors through our artistic vein.

To ensure that residential designs are wonderful, you don’t have to spend capital. And this is why the work of interior designer allows a precise analysis of the costs and an optimization of the same.

Our imagination makes us create beautiful designs. So they do not necessarily need large economic resources. It is enough to be guided by the creative instinct without fear of daring. The simple arrangement of a lamp or the change in color of a wall makes the difference. A stoneware floor, rather than a parquet or a resin, completely changes the final appearanceof the residential designs.

Dialogue with the customer

So many times people don’t pay attention to these things. This is why we follow our customers from beginning to end. I mean that we listen to their tastes without, however, neglecting the idea of the initial project.

Very often, customers rely on what they would like, without thinking of an overall project. I mean that everything must have its value and its place in residential designs. In a wider view of the whole environment that is going to be designed. Not limiting yourself to a single detail, as you have to combine the details to make one. Many times the customers themselves ask us to guide them in choosing residential designs.

The comparison

They trust our ideas and our aesthetic taste. All this does nothing but make us proud because it always gives more value to our work.

We are confronted with various types of residential designs depending on the type of house we find. So we observe the specific characteristics of each one. In other words, it will certainly be easier to create stone walls in a rustic house than in an apartment. But this does not make us set limits, but rather becomes a very captivating challenge. For this reason we are convinced that we can create unique settings in any place. This is why we always look for the most appropriate solutions.


Today the word design is too used. Very often people search for it almost obsessively in all things. Especially in the interior of houses. There was no project in which they didn’t tell me: “I want a particular design”. This can often become a limit because it is too often conditioned by stereotypes. Design is not chosen, but created.

The right choice

For the sake of clarity, I refer to the common thinking that it is enough to buy some objects here and there to do good design research. In order to get some appreciation, people believe that it is necessary to follow the best known brands. On the contrary, for our study, design is a path.And our residential designs pursue it.