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Renovation restaurant

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I Camaldoli
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Renovation restaurant I Camaldoli

Renovation Restaurant I Camaldoli Florence. 

The design of this restaurant was born from the search for a particular and out of the ordinary design.

Leaving the “usual settings” of the historic center of Florence was our priority.

We have used innovative materials, such as fiber optics, to create “luminous shoulders”, which “contain” a table for two people.

From these comes the light that circumscribes the space for eating, creating an absolutely unique design of its kind.

Furthermore, the use of stone effect resin on the pizzeria counter creates a strong break between an innovative idea such as that of the booths, and a finish that recalls the antique like stone.

Design choices

A renovation restaurant that goes beyond the usual design schemes, wants to create a different environment, where design is the master. Ideas for renovating pizzerias that are not always found in Florence.

We broke away from the usual ways of renovating a restaurant, as we had to create a pizzeria that had never been seen in the area.

We have succeeded, thanks to new materials, and architectural forms that are different from the usual, by creating a custom-made furniture for a pizzeria, which can be distinguished from all.

The white mosaic of the Valoriani oven stands out, used inside the counter for the preparation, as if it were a “monument” to be exhibited.

Project horizons

There are many ideas for renovation restaurant, here the renovation restaurant took place in an unusual way, combining ancient and modern.

The artistic union that has been created makes the renovation of the I Camaldoli restaurant a true masterpiece.