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Project house

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Project house in Grosseto

A long and complicated project house that needed a major makeover. The house in Grosseto for which we carried out the design was totally to be restored. The apartment that stood before me, at the beginning of the creative journey, was totally in terrible condition. Old floors, cramped spaces and looks from years gone by, were its distinctive elements.

The creation of a niche for housing the fridge, practically in the corridor of the house, has allowed me to distort everything.

In fact, so we left a custom-made kitchenette for a kitchen with all the comforts.

Thanks to the solution of the renovation of the kitchen in that way, I kept a small bedroom “standing” with a well finished loft. Considering that it allows you to have more space available. The project house is completed by a splendid bedroom, a practical living room with a dining area and an elegant bathroom. Here a floor-level shower predominates, placed in front of the window, which almost gives an illusory feeling of non-existence, thanks to its transparency.

Dreaming Projects

A project house from an interior designer who does not see if it is located in Grosseto, Florence, or in another Italian province. But an interior architecture study that focuses on design and the concept of unique. In order to experiment new ways in residential design. For this reason it is well applicable to the desire for valuable architecture that each of us would like to have for ourselves.

Out of the ordinary lines

The project house started to solve previous problems at the castle level. In fact there were clear rules of square footage to be respected in conceiving spaces. After a careful analysis, the “stroke of genius” occurred between the bathroom and the kitchen. Specifically, we had to maintain a minimum size for the area intended for the toilet. At this point it was essential, however, to keep the space dedicated to the kitchen. In this case the study AlitiniDesign has decided to construct the partition wall between the two spaces in an oblique way. This has allowed us to maintain the measures required by the municipality, but has also created a design of particular shapes that distort the aesthetic impact of the whole house.

Niche Refrigerator

The idea of a niche to house the refrigerator was the keystone of the whole design of this project house. In fact we needed a comfortable housing that didn’t take up space. After meticulously calculating the space. The study AlitiniDesign has decided to “invade the bathroom space”, to transfer it to the kitchen. So we created a particular niche that actually sits in the hallway of the house. Said so definitely it makes a strange effect. But seen live, this project house the environments are absolutely well defined.

A unique project house in its kind. A design that makes the project special. Also because we were in a city like Grosseto that notoriously cannot be defined as a center of evolution of interior architecture.

Modern bathroom with researched shapes

Certainly the bathroom was one of the elements of the project of this house that most highlight design choices.

In fact we have repositioned the various sanitary fixtures choosing the space in front of the window as the one suitable for the shower. This allowed us to create a sort of scenic background at the entrance of the whole bathroom. In fact, the use of a transparent crystal gives a feeling of lightness and elegance at the same time. Obviously we didn’t use a shower tray. It was enough to cover the surface giving the right slope. The floor-level shower was fundamental in this case. It does not create a sense of closure, but widens the spaces.

We also used a stoneware tile with a white stone effect. This has heightened the sense of sobriety. It makes all the design exclusive, for a house that seemed to be destined for total banality.

The Importance of Kitchen Coating

We have always insisted that the cladding in the kitchen is an essential element for a project house. In this case we chose a tile in red stoneware with a glossy finish. The study AlitiniDesign has taken into consideration the client’s budget, opting for a solution that is not too expensive. But at the same time respecting a particular and exclusive design. A tone of cheerful and intense at the same time. Where the glossy effect makes the difference. Although red can make you seem to dare in the choices, having this tile not too bright, it has created elegance and modernity with a slight retro inspiration.

Furthermore, the combination with a kitchen with dark wood hints made everything perfectly mixed. On the one hand, the glossy effect widens the space and the ambient light, on the other the wood “warms” the atmosphere. Here the design of the entire house becomes a “cover”.

In a residential design, many factors must be taken into account. And such choices have been of impacts. Both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The suspended ceiling which becomes a storage room

We certainly had problems with spaces to make in the bedroom. In designing this project house we therefore had to listen to the wishes of our client. It asked us to make a storage room, essential for their needs. But the meters were actually few to get that much-coveted space. But the study AlitiniDesign has thus decided to have a small plasterboard ceiling built. That could serve as lighting in everyday use at the entrance, and storage space to be able to stow objects that are not immediately useful.

This has not in the least worsened the aesthetics of the environment. On the contrary, it has improved the design of the entire space.

Naturally, the recessed spotlights that create a sort of luminous corridor are fundamental. In fact they accentuate the beauty of the interior architecture of the entire house.

A minimalist design. A refined projct house idea.

Retractable Ladder

Particularly the choice of a retractable ladder positioned in the corridor. It allows access to an attic. Very practical as a remittance. It should be noted that it was hidden in the building structure. This solution has allowed us not to invade the living space of the house. Indeed, the client can use it at will. Without problems in everyday life.

An optimal solution. A refined design in its forms. A project house that distinguishes from all others.