Massage center design

Tuina Massage
Ante Operam
P80710 110051 150x150 - Massage center design
P80710 105411 150x150 - Massage center design
P80712 131340 150x150 - Massage center design
P80710 110031 150x150 - Massage center design

Design of massage center. Unique and refined design, with relaxing and emotional atmospheres.

Creation of a particular wall made of hexagons, with reflective plexiglass, which changes color.

In this massage center design in Bologna, we recalled the east, using curved walls made of wood and gold colors,

A mix of future and ancient, to create a unique design environment.

The project is full of originality. In one area we used curved wooden walls to divide the massage rooms.

This made the whole environment very relaxing, due to a strong reference to oriental architecture.

Massage center design

In the second part we used curved plasterboard.

We have enriched these walls with special paintings, gold and black, which recall Japanese designs.

This allowed to create walls that seem to “move” in space.

A “WOW” effect, which leaves the customer breathless.

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