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Luxury homes and eclectic design

Luxury homes: in a word “pure design“.

A customized interior design for a house that needed a major makeover. The house in Calenzano, for which we carried out the design, was totally to be restored.

The apartment that was shown in front of me, was totally in a very bad condition. Old floors, cramped spaces and looks from years gone by, were his distinctive elements.

We designed a wall with the addition of a glass block, mounted like a puzzle, in the entrance. This made the initial impact as in real luxury homes.

We have combined the old kitchen with the adjoining lounge. Creating an open space with kitchen with island, typical of luxury homes.

Thanks to the solution of the kitchen renovation in that way. We were able to perfectly unite the two environments from the point of view of design.

Considering that this allowed to have a greater sense of space, as in the most beautiful luxury houses.

The house is completed by a splendid bedroom, with a particular backlit picture. To act as the head of the bed. An innovative and refined idea, typical of luxury homes.

A bathroom covered with natural stones, where a floor-level shower predominates.

It almost gives a feeling of well-being, at the mere sight, as it recalls tropical scenarios. Well inherent in our imagination. All of this is what we like to design to create luxury homes.

An interior designer project idea that does not look in which part of the way it is. But an interior architecture studio that focuses on design and the unique concept. In order to experiment with new avenues in residential design.

For this reason it is well applicable to the desire for valuable architecture that each of us would like to have for himself.