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The interior architecture firm Study AlitiniDesign presents itself as one of the new benchmarks of design as an interior designer for various types of environments.

Furthermore, its constant objective is the optimization of spaces and the search for detail.

Not only the attention to aesthetic details, but also the originality of his projects.

Our studio puts all its efforts into the design of special and unique settings.

In other words, we are the ideal partner for those who need interior design.

Not only for those who want a residential home design, but also for those who need to renovate their commercial premises.

In fact, we work to create beautiful homes, but also restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pubs or night clubs.

Although without forgetting the accommodation facilities such as, for example, hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Actually all the customers increasingly need a tailor-made design.


Interior architecture strikes the soul and this is why the interior designer elevates the spirit of its users


Designing interiors means giving vent to one’s creativity at 360 degrees.

Conceiving new furnishing solutions and arranging all the elements that make up the space is a way of communicating without equal.

We constantly dedicate ourselves to search not only for materials and plays of light, but also for refined finishes.

Although always listening to the taste and ideas of the client.

Considering how they play a fundamental role in every renovation project.

Moreover, being able to amaze customers by creating unexpected and unusual architectures is what we do best and most like to do.

For this reason we leave our imagination free.

Not only because the work itself requires it, but also because it is intrinsic in our soul.

In fact we always look for a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity in the final result.

Provided that customer needs are met.

Indeed, without this it would be quite useless.

Important to remember that it is essential to use qualified workers, which is why we always select the artisans we surround ourselves with. In fact we have several collaborations with various companies both for the construction part and for the carpentry for the realization of the commercial premises.

Besides, given the growing demand, we design custom-made furniture commissioned by our customers, in particular kitchens, bookcases and living room consoles. Therefore we can create environments from A to z.

Interior Architecture ..... Interior Design.
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