progettazione stanza a tema leonardo hotel themed room

hotel themed room leonardo

Design Hotel Soggiorno Sogna Firenze

Suite Leonardo Da vinci

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Themed Room Leonardo Da Vinci

The project of the hotel Soggiorno Sogna Firenze, develops on the conception of a themed room.

Specifically, we carried out the design of the “Leonardo Da Vinci” suite.

The themed room reflects the colors, the imagery that Leonardo evokes in each of us.

You can see in the headboard of the bed, a large painting depicting the “Vitruvian Man”. 

It has a particular effect as it is backlit.

The parchment color on the wall brings to mind the manuscripts of the great artist. 

To characterize the themed room, we have also added details.

Such as the floor with an antique wood effect, various wall paintings, and a decor that recalls the historical period.


The mood

A room with a historical character theme, which leaves hotel guests fascinated.

The whole mood of the hotel is inspired, by characters who made the history of Florence.

Among these, Leonardo Da Vinci could certainly not be missing.

Grende inventor, painter, a true genius at 360 °.

Who with his creations managed to revolutionize the entire historical period in which he lived.

This is why the interior design, which we have reserved for him in this suite, wants to be a real tribute to him.

All themed designs, made inside the B&B Soggiorno Sogna Firenze, are also visible on the website