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Hotel architect-themed rooms hotel suite amerigo vespucci

Design Hotel Soggiorno Sogna Firenze

Suite Amerigo Vespucci

The interior hotel architect is a fundamental role in the suite hotel design.

The themed room decor about “Amerigo Vespucci” at the Soggiorno Sogna Firenze has allowed us to create a suite hotel design. That is absolutely unique.

In fact there is the creation of a boat bed recalling the blue of the sea. Instead of a normal bed.

With a particular play of resin and hidden lights.

It has created an unexpected suite hotel design. Typical of the work of an interior hotel architect.

Indeed it comes out of the canons of the traditional planning of a receptive structure. Thinking about a themed room decor so amazing.

In fact in the suite hotel design of this B&B we wanted to recall the importance of a historical character. Like amerigo vespucci. A themed rooms hotel really particular. In fact we owe such a very important discovery to it.

Themed rooms decor

All this was done through shapes, materials, lights. And colors and all the themed room decor.

In fact this is why it is so important to keep in mind the atmosphere. We wanted to recreate in themed rooms so fantastic. In traditional suite hotel design or in a themed rooms hotel. Thus here the atmosphere is warm and relaxing.

At the same time dreamy and visionary. 

Also for this we are so proud of the result achieved. The suite hotel design had to be a perfect combination. Innovative suite hotel design ideas and the genius of an hotel architect.


The initial inspiration led us to evaluate what was the main feature that amerigo vespucci refers to our memory. 

In fact we took his explorer role into consideration. 

This is why the idea of the ship was fundamental. Throughout the project. And what better solution than using a boat as a bed? Thus it is under the eyes of everyone. As from that idea the suite hotel design has developed.

An interior hotel architect ‘s project that challenges the normal suite hotel design. Creating a unique themed rooms hotel in Florence. 

In fact it also stands out far beyond national borders. For this that the only true border is not territorial. But concerns the imagination of each of us.

The details

The walls decorated like ancient maps. For this playing with the colors of parchment yellow. In fact it gives that antique touch. That always leaves you amazed. The resin on the floor with sea effect. The lights above the bed that recall the stars. They accompanied the sailors’ journey of amerigo vespucci. 

They are all elements of a prestigious suite hotel design. 

Thus they become almost difficult to describe.

In fact they can only be lived.

It is also evident in the bathroom resin coating. Performed with extreme meticulousness and a particular glossy effect. 

Made not only with drawings of corals. But also with marine algae. As is evident, they bring the customer back to the space. As if he were really on an old galleon. In fact it is proceeding towards the discovery of the Americas in the immensity of the ocean!

Particular importance is given to the lights. They illuminate under the bed, sorry, boat! These allow a diffused light effect. The glossy effect of the resin. Totally relax the bedroom customers in this themed room decor.

Every detail is well measured and calibrated to enrich the visual effect. In fact they create the greatest possible comfort also from an emotional point of view.

To highlight the choice of two lanterns on the wall of the headboard of the bed. They replace the traditional and discounted abajur. Creating two service lights, but in an absolutely original way. Obviously they bring the maritime theme to mind. And this further improves all the recreated “scenario”. Also convenient for customers to read a book lying comfort in bed.

The figure of the interior hotel architect

The hotel architect is fundamental in every design. But above all in a hotel or in another type of hotel structure. It is a capillary and meticulous work made of fantasy and strokes of genius. And to create a suite hotel design like this it was a complicated and tiring job. Because we had the goal of using a very specific themed room decor. To create an amazing setting. Various color tests to create the right intensity of blue that reminds of the sea. 

Many technical projects to build a boat that would serve as a bed for the guests of the structure. The right intensity of yellow to create the sand effect. And creating corals in the bathroom like being in the ocean floor.

Thus everything has been chosen with particular care. As a very exclusive project requires. In fact every detail had to reconstruct a very clear setting. The creativity of an interior hotel architect ‘s studio is fundamental.

A suite hotel design that has nothing to envy to more famous ones.

Here we see the work of the interior hotel architect.

Opening the door and being in front of the beach and then the sea. With the bed that sails over it leaves every customer stunned. This type of solution creates a shock effect. It allows it to stand out from any other suite hotel design.

Enhances the work of the interior hotel architect. Both as the main mind in the construction of a very particular themed rooms idea. As a director in the various processing phases. In fact, the hard work of following such a unique project cannot be underestimated.

Beyond fantasy

Relaxing colors and unconventional furnishings. A perfect mix to evoke a theme like amerigo vespucci that has counted in the history of Florence.

For this a new way of understanding interior design and suite hotel design as an hotel architect.

An exclusive way of thinking about spaces that goes beyond any logic of banality. And discontent that is often found in interior design. Here we wanted to amaze and involve. Bewitch and seduce. Relax and shock. Always remembering the place where we were. That is a receptive structure. But with the knowledge that only those who know how to adjust them can break them. 

And overcome them. 

And the only new rule we set ourselves is that this suite hotel design was the most particular and innovative.

Overcoming any project of an hotel architect done previously.

All this to create a themed rooms hotel. With new perspectives to enhance our work. As an interior hotel architect. With the ambition of having allowed hotel guests not only to relax. But to dream in open spaces. This suite is the image of what every man dreams. Of the sea on which to sail and the stars to watch over his path.