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Home Design

The Residential Design

Private Residence

Home Design: residential interior and exterior design project for a private home in Prato.

With the clear and clear purpose of creating, with a modest budget, a real exclusive villa. Made of plays of light, mixed with bright colors and unique effects, typical of an interior architecture that makes interior design its strong point.

In fact, the management of the spaces, the direction of the works and the choice of materials was appropriate. Considering that the floors, walls, colors, paintwork and wall paneling are of great visual impact. Although the AlitiniDesign study took time and sacrifice, to get an amazing home design.

At the design level, this house is defined as absolutely valuable and incomparable from an architectural point of view.

The lighting points have been adequately designed for the concept of interior home design that has been extensively defined.

Not only to illuminate, but also and above all to create fantastic scenic effects.

In fact, it is as if we were living, as usual, in a movie set. A home design that an architect or interior designer in Florence and neighboring would never have considered. Because here was the greater desire to amaze with a unique architecture of its kind, that walk the streets of a normal home design.

The insertion of an artificial water cascade in the living area is full proof of this.

In addition, the creation of interior design objects and the choice of furniture, have completed a work created to impress its users and redefine the concept of living. Amplifying the work of a home design.

Home Design

In a home design, the AlitiniDesign study uses all its know-how to visually realize the wishes of the client.

In fact, in this project, we wanted an eclectic style to create a “dream” home. This is why we have taken care of every single aspect in every detail. For example, we have chosen floating parquet in the living area. This is to give a sense of relaxation at the entrance to the house. We chose the gold colored bathroom wall tiles. To give a sense of luxury and elegance in an environment that had to be extremely sought after. We opted for a white parquet in the sleeping area with strips of black parquet mounted at scale. All this to give more light to the rooms. Without forgetting the sense of exclusivity that pervades the entire building.

In conclusion, we looked for each material for each of its specific design features.

A Waterfall in the Living room

We have thought of space in an absolutely innovative way. This is why we have created a real waterfall in the living area. the concept of water flow has very ancient origins. In the Eastern tradition, for example, it is a source of life and good wishes. Purification generator and promoter of relaxation.

The idea of ​​accommodating on a sofa and hearing the sound of water has benefits not only physical but above all mental. Therefore the design to place it inside a home is nothing short of amazing.

Made with a simple plasterboard panel, positioned in a corner with respect to the room. It is covered with stone plaques. At the top there is a holding tray. Through a recirculation pump the water is drawn and pushed to fill the tray. Everything is completed by the inclusion of special water-resistant LEDs. These can also be turned on separately.

The plates are made of real stone. Obviously the stone tends to be consumed during the passage of water. Therefore this slow flow improves the final visual impact. Because it makes the stone more real and the whole waterfall looks original and not a scenic fiction. A unique home design in its kind.

Multicolored Led Spotlights

The particularity and importance of the insertion of spotlights along the stairs is now known to all. But in our design we included rgb spotlights in this home. This has allowed us to obtain a continuous color change that illuminates not only the stairs, but also the whole surrounding environment. A solution of immediate visual impact. In this case the AlitiniDesign study has been able to go beyond all traditional expectations. Creating a unique “scenography” that turns out to be an extraordinary invention for an exclusive home in a project of this kind.

This type of spotlights also allows you to set a single color. Depending on the situation or the atmosphere you want to create. The color change in rotation is more suitable, as, as a whole, the whole area takes an almost fairy-tale vision. This is the work of interior design that best matches a residential environment.

Billiard Room

The AlitiniDesign study in this design has placed a splendid billiard table at the entrance to the home. Carefully chosen from among the Billiards Rogai models it fits perfectly in the whole environment. Notice how it is covered in black hammered leather, which goes well with the gold of the background wall. The legs are very original as shapes and their silver color is combined with the lamp above the game table, also silver colored. The color of the cloth is intentionally different from the usual. In fact, dark gray does not make it seem like a dining room table, but rather a highly sought-after piece of furniture.

It becomes important in such a home design. For this reason the AlitiniDesign study wanted to include billiards right there. In doing so, the whole creates a unique design as was the will of the client for the construction of this home.

Spotlights in the floor

The use of spotlights in the floor is one of those not very usual ideas. In this project the AlitiniDesign study wanted to create a specific light source inside the house, especially in the “billiard room”. It is composed of 5 spotlights placed in a semicircle. In this way, they ideally “set” a particular wooden statue with a light beam. This particular effect highlights the lines of the statue itself chosen. The play of lights and shadows that the spotlights in the floor create is unparalleled. In a home design environment we did a very thorough interior design research that gave its benefits.