Hairdressing Shop Furniture

Davines Workshop
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arredamento negozio prato hairdressing furniture
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Davines hairdressing furniture
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Design and construction of the furniture of a hairdressing shop, with the creation of a particular internal shelving. It consists of wooden boxes of various colors, suspended in the air, which act as displays and recall the trend of the store.

As a concept, the hairdresser shop has the nature and use of non-chemical products.

A capillary project of Study AlitiniDesign of the environment to create a particular interior architecture that is not often seen in squares such as those in Prato or Florence. A great retail design.

In fact, here the interior designer or architect hardly pays attention to the reuse of simple fruit boxes, now useless, to create an absolutely original piece of furniture of its kind.

A final result with an amazing design, which is difficult to describe in words, but which should be experienced in person.

Hairdressing Furniture

It means giving a new context to the activity of hair stylist.

Stylists of precisely cutting; and this leads to conceiving spaces in a different way, without old compromises.

On the contrary, conceiving innovative shapes and plays of lights and colors, which totally envelop the customer while relaxing in the “cutting operations”. The entire work area has been ideally cut into two areas. In fact, on the right side there is the area for the display of products for sale and the cutting area. Instead, on the left is the case and the cabinet for washing. And this is why the “central tunnel”, made with wooden boxes, has its importance. Precisely because it ideally divides all the working phases. It almost seems like a “river” flowing inside the shop, enhancing the sense of relaxation that water can convey.

In addition, the mirrors at its base greatly expand the spaces and reflect the particular play of suspension of the boxes themselves.

The RGB LED strip lights also create an amazing effect. Especially in the darkness of the night the setting is almost enchanted and turns the store into a kind of fairy tale forest.

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