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Florence Pizzeria

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The Taverna dei matti

Florence Pizzeria: The Taverna dei Matti

Florence Pizzeria: The Taverna dei Matti.

The design of this restaurant, pizzeria, was born from the search for a rustic and warm design.

Use of red brick effect coating, with an original wavy paint, dove gray.

Furthermore, the use of straw chairs and wooden tables makes the environment extremely welcoming.

We wanted to create a warm design typical of the Florence pizzeria.

A simple play of warm and contrasting colors, to enhance the sense of rustic, so dear in the Florence pizzeria.

The details

The wall built that way inside the room creates a sense of movement.

To give more “body” to this aesthetic choice, we used a retro painting that was not a flat line.

On the contrary, it supported that wavy sense that relaxes the customer at first glance.

A Florence pizzeria worthy of note.

Design Pizzeria

The design of a comfortable environment is also very important for modern catering.

In fact, this choice of colors allows you to “breathe home air”.

An interior design for a pizzeria in Florence that winks at the countryside, at the authenticity of the products.

Obtained through an elegant and traditional design.

A pizzeria in Florence that will make a lot of talk about itself, for all the atmosphere created.