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Private Residence
Ante Operam

The client, in this Florence interior designer ‘s project, asked me to totally transform their living area, creating a unique environment.

It must have been able to accommodate a large kitchen and a comfortable living room.

Here light and space had to be its masters.

Thanks to the demolition of two walls that previously divided the two areas, I managed to connect the two environments in an absolutely pleasant way.

We recovered the light that came from the window, previously obscured by the existence of partition walls.

We also remade the floor, using resin with a particular spatulated effect. This gave a greater sense of spatiality.

Using a bicolour acrylic resin, tailor-made for customers, which could give a particular “sand” effect.

In fact, seen live, it gives the sense of freedom that the beach of the sea knows how to transfer. You want to walk barefoot!

Furthermore, some gold-colored glitter were added to the resin itself. Blending in the draft, they have created a very special effect when the light beats.

Furthermore, the addition of two cable lamps that run through the whole environment, made the whole of absolute elegance and refinement. An interior architecture that makes design and refinement its strengths.

It was also fundamental, in the realization of the project, to transform a supporting column.

We used a coating with handmade artistic tiles by “PECCHIOLI POTTERY“.

It thus turned out to be a true work of art in the center of the room. And no longer a simply structural element as it was before.

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Florence Interior Designer

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