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Florence Architect

The Residential Design

Private Residence
Sesto Fiorentino
Ante Operam

Florence architect gives his best in homes like this. In Italy and also in the province of Florence.

Looking for a more modern and current style, totally modernizing the previous one.

The renovation of the living room with the use of stone as the main wall of the room. An idea that Florence architect, should always take into consideration.

Highlighted by the inclusion of floor spotlights.

Installation of plexiglass doors on the back side of the TV, with a double function. In fact they are both bottle racks and large lamps next to the niche created specifically for the TV set. A good idea for a Florence architect!

In the kitchen widening of the cooking area. Design by the architect of the kitchen manufacturer, located in Florence, of a peninsula. This is to have a greater sense of spatiality. All this to the advantage of the dining table which is central and predominant.

“An interior Florence architect always has his weight above all in Italy “.

Design of a walk-in closet in the bedroom. It is hidden with retractable doors with arabesque references.

A plasterboard cloud on the ceiling with recessed spotlights for an elegant and unique environment.

A sort of homage to the figure of the Florence architect, designer in all areas.

Of considerable importance is the creation of a sliding mirror door at the entrance to the apartment. It is made from a very special mirror with a hand-decorated frame.

Everything was tailor-made specifically for the residential design of the client.

As indeed the doors that hide a convenient storage room have been made by a craftsman. They look like two small doors of a bookcase, as they are without lids. But in reality they are two small swing doors.


The effect of the spatulated white resin concludes the “work”. The Elle Resine firm, presented to us by a Florence architect a long time ago,  has worked in the Argentine. Excellent posers on the area.

Enlarges the space exponentially. The absence of leaks in the floor creates an optical illusion that no other material can create. We have chosen this type of finish that is already a real piece of furniture. Often, in Florence, an architect suggests this floor.

Such work takes a few weeks, as existing tiles must be completely covered. After two or three coats, you can begin the application of the finish that will then appear as a final effect.

In this interior design project in Sesto Fiorentino house spatulate resin was specifically chosen. It gives more “mass effect” which creates movements in the floor. 

Obviously it is a more expensive choice. But the professionalism of the interior Florence architect must however be able to advise as best he can in Florence, Rome, or any other place.

It is in this type of choice that an interior Florence architect can make a difference.

Plasterboard ceilings

We often use plasterboard ceilings. Usually we imagine blasting the whole ceiling or just a part at a single height. In our case we have instead created real works of art on the ceiling. The triangle in the living room and the cloud in the bedroom represent the explosiveness of creativity for an architect in Florence.

The triangle in fact overhangs the sofa and has different forms of lighting. Downlights, led cut hidden in the central part, light on the sides.

Every light has its purpose, said a famous architect from Florence. In fact, they create different environments based on needs.

The cloud-shaped ceiling above the bed instead has only one way to illuminate. There are several spotlights placed in the central part of the room.

The curved effect of this kind of cloud makes it all elegant and amazing.

An innovative and visionary design that recalls the nature of the sky like a famous Florence architect said. What everyone would like for their bedroom.

Sliding doors

Very important for the optimization of architectural spaces.

They can be real pieces of furniture. The Florence architect usually installs traditional retractable doors. Commonly called “casket”.

Instead we used custom-made construction of the door structure. But with the addition of various types of mirrors. In fact, while in the rooms they are simple, for the dividing door between kitchen and living room we have chosen a mirror designed like a good interior architect in Florence and not only should it do.

It is with a particular colored frame, unique in its kind.

The thing to note is how furnishing solutions like these give the design of the entire apartment an extremely refined taste. 

In the living area this mirror door also acts as a framework between one room and another, in the room they are also functional. They serve as support mirrors for wearing clothes. At the top they seem engraved with an Arabic arch, but in reality it is the plasterboard placed in front that creates the optical illusion. A sort of mysticism that pervades the architecture of such a fascinating bedroom. The appliques placed at the side of the bed look like two ancient torches of the ancient Arab portals. In Florence we are not used to these ideas, which the Middle Eastern architect knows well. Fervent creativity leads to the use of interior design as a method to convey emotions. Yes, emotions to live.

Florence Architect

The study of an interior Florence architect, especially in Florence, or in such important cities, has the task of creating a space tailored to its customers. Giving that unique touch that only those who deal with valuable designs can imagine. Considering the expectations of the client, we went much further. We have indeed created spaces of absolute design.

For this reason, contacting Study AlitiniDesign is a reason for total change. Only the eyes in the end will be able to enjoy this residential design. Not really believing what they are facing. Developing innovative ideas for a Florence architect that mix architecture and design.

For us, designing means increasingly transforming reality, creating enchanted environments.

The satisfaction of the architect who designs interiors, in any place, but above all in Florence.