We are who we decide to be.

Studio AlitiniDesign is created by Luca Alitini.

Born in 1979 in Florence and has always been passionate about particular environments and out of the ordinary shapes.

He loves designing interior design, creating non-trivial architecture and playing with lines and lights that are out of the ordinary.

Creative and extremely imaginative interior designer, with the desire to use particular ideas.

Both in residential environments and in the design of hotels or commercial premises

Its purpose is to transform the client's wishes into their daydream.

We always try to have a clear approach with our clients on what their expectations are regarding the project. In this way we try to come up with ideas that can really satisfy those desires that any customer has. Especially when starting a relationship with an interior architect.

We keep repeating that it is not money that makes the difference. In fact, in any type of project, first of all, ideas count.

While the amount of money you can spend on a project is an important factor, it's not what determines the outcome.

Our brilliant ideas will clearly show you how, often, with little, you can get amazing results.

For this, contact us with serenity, together we will make your wishes the key to your happiness.

Our consultancy takes place at 360 degrees, including large and small apartments and villas, offices and / or commercial premises, such as bars, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, beauty centers and spas.



Our services include:

  • The project for the renovation of spaces.
  • The drafting of a draft project in 2D
  • The rendering of spaces in 3D
  • Supervision of the works during all phases of the construction site.
  • Advice on furniture and design of the same made to measure.
  • The coordination of all the craftsmen present in the creations
  • The search for lighting suitable for the environments and work for everything related to the realization of a "turnkey" project.


This is done in perfect harmony with the customer's needs to turn his dream into reality.

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