Interior Architecture Firm


Alitinidesign is an interior architecture firm that deals with residential and commercial projects.

Contacting us means having the desire to transform your home or business premises in an innovative and creative way.

In fact, we create Only Special Projects.

Our Projects

Why Choose Us like your Interior Architecture Firm

  • Because we can offer you projects that no one is few are able to do
  • Each of our projects must become a work of art
  • For us, designing, means being able to go beyond imagination
  • Transforming what initially seems like a dream into reality

We Create Forms

We Design Spaces

And turn them into Emotions

Our Services

AlitiniDesign follows your project from A to Z.
Our interior architecture firm can offer you the best way to design your home or your commercial space with a particular and unique design.
We are in fact an interior architecture studio that proposes itself as a new reference for design.
Our main goal, in fact, is to create something absolutely original for you. This is why our work is based on the optimization of spaces and the search for design details.
With attention to aesthetics, but without neglecting the creativity that every project must have in itself.

We try to transform every place into an environment that leaves our client breathless.

The Environments we Design

We love to design both residential and commercial environments. In fact, we deal with both homes and workplaces, such as restaurants, shops and offices. We are in fact the perfect partner for those who want to change the design of their living spaces, but who at the same time want to give a touch of creativity and uniqueness.

We are the interior architecture studio for those looking for environments never seen before
What are you looking for from an Interior Architecture Firm?
If you are looking for an interior architecture firm that limits itself to carrying out any project, you are in the wrong studio.
Where is based our Interior Architecture Firm

Our interior architect firm is based in Italy, Prato.

We like to “play” with architecture all over the world.

We can follow a project for you without any distance problems.

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