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Design Restaurant

Penta bistrot
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Design restaurant Penta bistrot

Design Restaurant: Pizzeria Penta Bistrot Florence.

The design of this restaurant was born from the search for a minimal design.

Use of “Total White” to enhance the lines of the furniture, broken by a black mosaic, to create a strong architectural contrast.

The use, moreover, of particular golden iron shapes.

From these comes the light of the LEDs, placed in the back of the counter, to make the whole environment very attractive and elegant.

We wanted to play on the use of white wood, made with horizontal slats, where you can see the effect of the wood grain.

But without emphasizing it too much, using precisely white, to accentuate the minimal effect.

Interior design details

The black mosaic, which surrounds the Valoriani oven, is a design element. It goes well with both the wood and the white of the floor and walls.

To give more “body” to this aesthetic choice, we also used it for the back counter, and to cover a column in the second room of the room.

The use of backlit plexiglass to transform windows into a splendid play of light should also be considered as a real attraction.

The "friendship" table

Also very important for modern catering is the design of a high table, called “friendship”, which allows people, even strangers, to get to know each other sitting at the table.

In fact, the table holds up to 12 people, and it is now a custom for design restaurant to have one inside.

An interior design for a restaurant that winks to the future, to design forms.

With an elegance that doesn’t want to be tacky.