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Design Pizzeria

Design Pizzeria

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Design Pizzeria

Design Pizzeria Slurp in Pistoia. 

The design pizzeria Slurp was born from research, of a warm and welcoming design, with particular attention to natural and organic products.

We used LED strips inside the counter, to enhance the effects of the wood grain.

The two “suns” on the sides of the structure enhance the sense of nature and the organic product, for a design that fascinates every look.

From these comes the light of the LEDs, which make this pizzeria project extremely attractive and welcoming.

The details

We wanted to insert a shovel placed on the bulletin board behind the pizza counter.

As if it were a work of art to be exhibited, it was illuminated on the sides and through glass, it became a giant menu for customers.

An important detail of the design pizzeria, was to paint the walls in ocher and marc.

These two colors, in fact, convey a great sense of relaxation, and welcome, at first glance.

Also to be considered is the two-tone effect created, using the two different paints, with haccp certified paint, to transform structural arches into design elements.

Custom-made furnishings for pizzerias

A design pizzeria takes into account custom-made furniture. This was done to enhance spaces, and improve functionality. The wall shelves seem to float in the air, also thanks to a particular painting that acts as a background.

A particular shelf made of them, made of plexiglass, acts as a pizza box holder, creating a line that moves inside the pizzeria counter.

Exploiting the existing architecture, for an architect, is the main line to follow, for any pizzeria project.