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design hotel

Design Hotel Soggiorno Sogna Firenze

Suite Dante Alighieri
Ante Operam

The design hotel of the Soggiorno Sogna Firenze, is based on the design of themed rooms.

Specifically we carried out the design of the “Dante Alighieri” suite.

Creations of scenic effects inside the room to bring the mind back to the songs of the Divine Comedy in homage to the Supreme Poet.

Choice of floors, bathroom wall coverings and colors with an absolutely engaging and relevant result.

An interior architecture made by Study AlitiniDesign with a very original concept. It can only leave the customer with an “open mouth”. So much so that we can aspire to be an interior design that can cover not only accommodation facilities such as hotel or bed and breakfast, but also other types of properties. Until involving the residential market, always, if you want to find a design hotel project that leaves you breathless.

In fact we think that the interior designer has the task of designing more and more particular and valuable spaces, which can involve anyone who has the desire to experiment and redefine his concept of living.

With this design hotel has taken new forms. In fact, creating a perfect mix between past and future we have made the Dante Alighieri suite a room of absolute value.

Considering that a bespoke interior design is increasingly necessary, the choice to create themed rooms concerning historical characters has proved to be successful.

Indeed Dante Alighieri, in this suite, is praised by the presence of niches that change color. From particular diamonds with phrases of the Divine Comedy, and from the whole set of furnishings. They emotionally drag customers into a unique design hotel. A historical reinterpretation with particular and exclusive interior architectures.

Design Hotel

There are so many ways to develop a hotel design. In this case the Study AlitiniDesign has thought about history, creating the Dante Alighieri suite. Hidden light changes, mixed floor creating a hypothetical walkway around the bed. All this recalls the first songs of Dante’s main work.

The path of “own life” and the lights of the “dark forest”. In fact, here art, architecture and poetry merge to create a visionary project, which makes the Dante Alighieri suite truly extraordinary.

Plaster niches

Important in the construction of any design hotel, especially in a suite like this. In fact they created a background for the headboard of the bed that with other materials would have been difficult to hypothesize.

The plasterboard lends itself perfectly to this type of work and the inclusion of hidden RGB LED strips has perfected the whole.

They are closed with glass frontally and contain branches of ivy to evoke the concept of “dark forest”. The customers of the Dante Alighieri suite will find themselves involved in a play of light, one of a kind.

Especially in this project Study AlitiniDesign shows how with little, incomparable results can be obtained in a design hotel.

It is enough to give vent to creativity to be able to reverse the perception that the environments convey.

In fact, suddenly, simply by pressing a switch, you find yourself caught up in a “fairy forest”. Just press a switch!

Design Bathroom

The design hotel bathroom must comply with certain standards. First of all the aesthetic factor. According to the functionality.

In the Dante Alighieri suite of the Soggiorno Sogna Firenze the two goals have been perfectly achieved. In fact, health workers are well disposed giving “air” to the whole environment. Considering that the space used was certainly not gigantic.

We have chosen particular porcelain stoneware to furnish this bathroom. A metallic effect with iridescent colors. In fact, depending on the angle from which you look, the tiles have different reflections. We note this particular reddish effect, chosen on purpose, to recall the “flames of hell”. In fact, in his verses, the Divine Poet sang of the presence of the underworld. This color tone is fascinating and compelling from an emotional point of view.

Everything is mixed with a splendid mosaic that takes up the shades of stoneware, and stone slabs that give monumentality to the whole design hotel.

Washbasins and more

The Study AlitiniDesign wanted for the Dante Alighieri suite of special bathroom fixtures to improve the aesthetics of the whole bathroom. This is why the use of a transparent crystal washbasin has proved to be absolutely functional. The idea of transparency lightens and breaks the grandeur of the coating on the walls, so particular. Considering that the position in which it is located is right at the entrance to the bathroom. So it was necessary to create as little visible “impact” as possible. Transparent glass has optimized this factor. Furthermore we have given greater importance to the veins of the top. It turns out to be so perfectly blended with the whole environment.

The shower cubicle is simple but decisive and with its transparency highlights the brilliance of the mosaic.

The choice of white bathroom fixtures gives brightness to the space.

Material Mix

Matching more materials together is not easy at all. Play with colors much less. This is why it was important to break up such imposing coatings with a wood-effect stoneware. The color of the wood creates relaxation and elegance. The perfect mix is precisely the union between a “sober” floor and an “intense” covering.

In addition, the same different tiles of the tiles already furnish themselves. In fact, in the Dante Alighieri suite, while the metallic effect tiles are 60×60, the stone effect ones are smaller. This is to enhance a sense of movement that improves the bathroom design of this hotel.

With the same principle, the AlitiniDesign study has also designed the bedroom floor.

In fact, the hypothetical walkway that surrounds the bed is of a different size and effect than the rest of the floor.

The design involved a sort of path to follow in the room of this hotel. He had to remember the “dark forest”. Moreover, it is fundamental as a concept in Dante’s work. For this reason it resembles a path made of pebbles, which mix well with a “cotto fiorentino” stoneware effect.

Wall coverings

We used a particular coating behind the headboard. The design idea was of an almost medieval identity to the room of this hotel. For this we needed a “worn stone” effect. So it was enough to use porcelain stoneware in 30×60 format. But to give it a more realistic effect, the tiler cut it giving it a particular line. In fact, mounted on the wall, it really looks like an old stone wall.

An optical illusion that study AlitiniDesign, has been able to transfer to a design hotel suite, a true masterpiece.