bubble tea design

Bubble tea design

The Bubble tea Design

Bubble Tea


Bubble tea inspired by the perfect mix between the charm of the East and the future that awaits us. It is made of bamboo rods and natural stone cladding and a glossy white counter with wavy lines.

Wonderful a gigantic glass that changes color to create truly incredible luminous reflections.

A design that redefines the concept of interior design architecture combined with commercial premises and that creates a unique interior design work for the category.

An interior architecture studio has the duty to dare, especially when it comes to accommodation facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, and in this bubbletea it proposes an idea of designing spaces and fine finishes.

That a more conventional architect or interior designer would never propose to customers.

What in this case, instead, they marry with great enthusiasm, to get an interior design totally out of the standard.

And it doesn’t matter if you are in Bologna, Florence, or another Italian province. Because this style of commercial design has validity in every part of our globe, because it creates a unique environment where design and originality are the absolute masters.

The Study AlitiniDesign in this interior design wanted to highlight from the outside a scenic effect like this gigantic glass. It is in fact the fulcrum of all the creation of this Bubble Tea.

The goal was to amaze customers, and with this change of color they succeeded fully in its design purpose.

An interior architecture that leaves you breathless. In fact the distortion of the rules makes it possible to transmit new design concepts. Applied to a retail design like that of a bubble tea.

Market Trends

In Bologna, a place like this was needed, and Study AlitiniDesign was able to leave its signature in a Bubbletea so special that it could be designed anywhere. The interior design that was used to create a new market trend such as bubble tea, still unknown to many. A product that will probably enter the most requested drinks by young people.