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The work of an interior designer

Interior designer, a job not for everyone

The work of an interior designer can be defined, at least in a first phase, as a real psychologist.

It becomes fundamental to fully understand what our client’s needs are. This is why it is necessary to dig into the depths of what the customers’ ideas are, to be able to transform them into an interior project, as they expect.

interior designer
Project of an exterior. Design that fascinates.

Having made a precise analysis of the uses and habits of the client, we listen in depth to the aesthetic tastes of the people we face.

It becomes important to know how to move from a minimal style to a vintage, from a modern style to a classic one, without fossilizing on one, precisely because the important thing for an interior designer is to satisfy as many aesthetic tastes as possible.

Interior designer beyond banality

Interior designers beyond banalities People’s tastes are often conditioned by what they see on the media, such as magazines, television, social networks, and it is increasingly common that an interior designer must take into account all the inputs coming from outside , to create an adequate interior design.

designer di interni
Carbon effect stoneware

Sites such as Homify or Houzz give the possibility to view various interior projects, created by interior designers or architects, and this allows customers to get an increasingly clear idea of what a customer would like for the design of their property. Here, an interior designer must know how to adapt to what interior design requires. I mean that materials, finishes, paints, wallpapers, and all that is needed to obtain a unique design must be known.

Using a carbon effect stoneware, unlike a resin effect, totally varies the final result of an interior design. It obviously depends on what the interior designer wants to achieve.

The thing that becomes necessary is knowing how to mix the various design elements together. An interior design in fact, on the wise use of all the various finishes that an interior designer knows how to combine. A color, a material, can merge with each other effectively, only if you have knowledge and creativity behind you.

This is why an interior architect becomes fundamental in any design.

Knowing how to go beyond the banality of momentary tastes becomes for a interior designer a real challenge.

Very thick tastes are driven by a “mass effect” that tends to flatten tastes and choices, and an interior designer must also be able to distinguish himself, in his interior design, trying to develop new ideas and sometimes even avant-garde.

An example is this video, where, for a client, we made a waterfall in the living room, to create a unique and particular environment.

Knowing how to create particular designs also means inventing furnishing solutions like these, which are certainly not easily found.

So not always following mass tastes gives the possibility of implementing an original interior design, but rather, I think it is fundamental for an interior designer to know how to put his own in every job.

Seeking the originality of the projects is, at least for Studio AlitiniDesign, a starting point in any interior design.

A fundamental note however remains the knowledge of what is going to be designed. I mean that an interior designer cannot be improvised.

Design requires elements that must be known in depth, and only thanks to time and experimentation can an interior designer obtain an original and unique interior design.

This work is made of passion and love, without forgetting the fundamental characteristic that is creativity. Only in this way can noteworthy interior projects be created that can create fascinating enviroments.