beauty center design

Beauty center design

Beauty Center Design


The beauty center design of the Primrose was born in Florence in the area of Piazza Santa Croce.

Here there are various commercial areas in historic buildings all with a very ancient origin.

First of all I had to think about the architecture that I would have faced.

I tried to integrate the client’s design ideas with what is the architectural reality of the whole surrounding area.

An in-depth study of the wishes of customers has been made.

A careful observation of the lines that such a historical commercial fund can transmit. This allowed us to create such an impactful project.

This gave the opportunity to design a beauty center that represents a perfect combination of curved lines and shiny mosaics.

Rigorous lines and enveloping shapes, with an eye towards the future, and another towards the exaltation of the past.

We thought of an angular pedicure chair, specially created to measure. It is covered with a splendid glossy black mosaic.

There is a high table for two manicure stations with a subtle reference to the mosaic present on the seat.

We have had a simple, linear reception desk built to offer ease of use and fluidity of form.

A make-up station, fundamental in the daily work of a beauty center, obtained through the inclination of a wall.

It itself divides a beautiful and equipped massage cabin from the rest of the environment.

Here we have included a fabulous chromotherapy and hydromassage shower.

A work as an interior designer who wants to experiment with new fields of design.

These include worlds such as aesthetics and spa, massage centers and wellness centers.

In fact, they allow you to create stunning architecture and extravagant furnishings.

Obviously with full satisfaction both of the client, and of those who designed the entire environment.

Beauty Center Design in Florence

The work of Study AlitiniDesign in this case was really meticulous. Because the client wanted something refined and unique. We succeeded in the enterprise by giving life to a place that makes elegance its strong point. Primrose in Florence: a new beauty center design!

The white of the furniture gives light, the black of the mosaic instead gives a strong contrast, which enhances the whole aesthetic center as a whole.

The painting of some walls with Tiffany color were also very important, creating sobriety in the totality of the project.

Also the suspension lights that are placed at strategic points were also very important. In fact they light up in specific work areas such as the pedicure or manicure part.

They also give a “soft” effect that surely predisposes the soul of its customers who increasingly feel encouraged to use the store

In conclusion, this project has allowed us to give vent to full creativity. A awesome beauty center design.